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Portfolio Snippets

Here you will find websites that I have worked on individually and as part of a team. During each website I learned something new and continue to learn news things. Let me share with you some examples that have challenged my current skill set; growing new skills.

Was a brand new challenge. I signed up for Kentico Training and within a month of completing the first level of training; I was building with the new CMS. This was an interesting challenge as Kentico is written in asp.net; a language that I'm not very familiar with. This job in particular was also different becuase I was working with the client who was also new to Kentico. Overcoming the new language was very easy with the Kentico system. Sharing responsiblities with another developer off-site involved instant messenger, tracking Jira Tasks, and weekly calls.

screen shot of the Hartfiel Automation homepage

Was a site that allowed me to take my Drupal 7 and Bootstrap 3 skills and put them to the test. This project had a very tight deadline and a complex “spinning hexagon” that the client wanted to manage. With a clever content type, jquery and css3, everything came together nicely.

screen shot of the Middel homepage

Is an e-commerce website built with Mangento. I was a supporting front-end developer on this project. I worked with template files, css, and basic jquery.

screen shot of the National Camera Exchange homepage

Is an e-commerce site built with Magento. They needed an upgrade and it was decided to update the design of the shopping site as well. I was the Lead Front-end Developer on the project. This site is not responsive, but there is a supporting mobile site. I setup the mobile site and themed both the mobile and desktop sites. This was my first Magento project after my Front-end Magento Certification 2013.

screen shot of the Ducks Unlimited homepage

Had a unique requirement to their website redesign and new build. They needed a website that is multi-lingual. Being the lead developer, I was tasked with building the new website in Drupal 7. I used Bootstrap 3 to make the website responsive. I then provided the client with the option of using Google Translate or Drupal Modules for Multi-lingual. After the client reviewed the options they decided to go with Drupal Modules. This was my first Multi-Lingual Drupal 7 Responsive website.

screen shot of the Logic homepage

Was a website redesign and rebuild. Based on the clients desire manage their own website and the content they wanted to provide to users, it was decided to build the new website with Drupal 7. Per the design that was created, I needed to create a custom theme. This was my first custom theme and it was exciting learn some tricks of the trade. Towards the end of this project it was conveyed that this site needed to be responsive. This was challenging but taught me to ask more questions about new projects.

screen shot of the Murphy Warehouse homepage